Wednesday, November 27, 2013

2013 Christmas Lunch

If you are looking for a quilty game to play with your club or group, something to get people talking, then try this one.

As people come in the door, they get one half of a block name pinned to their back.  By talking to other people, they have to decipher what their word is (think animal, mineral, vegetable) and then find their partner.

You are allowed to answer their questions to help, but obviously not give the game away too easily!  Best to stick to well known quilt blocks.  It was a great start to our Christmas Lunch.

We also played our secret santa gift game.  Everyone who wants to participate brings along a modest handmade gift and adds it to the table.  You pull a number out of a hat, then number one gets to pick a present from the table.  Number two can pick a present from the table or steal from number one and so on!  There can only be two steals in a row, then the next person must pick from the table.  You can't steal back something that has just been stolen from you.  If it's all done in the right spirit, it's great fun and a good laugh!

Here's me and two of my Friday stitching group buddies.  Hi guys, see you tomorrow!!

We had time for a couple of show and tells.  This is what Dolores started in her class at the Taupo Symposium.  Lots of fabric folding and manipulation.

And Maebeth has a new grandchild on the way, and of course, babies need a quilt!

We had a lovely buffet lunch - thanks to the Christmas Lunch organisers who always do a great job of cooking a delicious lunch.

And wonderful Joy, who made us each a Christmas decoration for our place setting.

There were great raffle prizes too.  But by that time I had had a glass of bubbles and was feeling sleepy from the food, so no photos of the lucky recipients.  See you all next year for another fabulous day!