Saturday, April 29, 2017

April 2017 Show and Tell

Jane has made this quilt for her son's 21st birthday.  It includes maps, a quilted anchor and other symbolism important to him.

This quilt was made by Jane for her sister in law.  It represents the river near where she lives.

Jane made this gorgeous eye-spy quilt.  I love the slightly unusual pinwheel setting blocks.

Charlotte made this quilt called Dusk Moth using her hand dyed silk organza.

And another of Charlotte's called Albatross Moon, again with silk organza.

Darryl has been making community quilts again.

This one is tied because the batting with a bit too poofy to do anything else.  It will be warm and cozy!

And one more.  This time a quilt as you go.

Gayleen has been making spud cooking bags.  Apparently you use these to cook your potatoes in the microwave and they turn out perfect.

These two table runners are Anne's creations.

And so are these two bags.  Anne is prolific!

This one is made from NZ themed fabrics for her overseas friend.

See you next month!

Friday, April 7, 2017

March 2017 Show and Tell

Welcome to March show and tell.  A bit of a quieter month this time around after our epic UFO finish up last month.

Beryl couldn't make last month's meeting so she showed her UFO challenge, a beautiful African themed quilt.  She assured us she had finished it by the deadline, so earned her gold star!

Ingrid attended our retreat and finished this effective table runner while she was there.

And another table runner, made with folded fabric - like origami - very cool.

Olive won two of our raffles last year, winning matching mugs, so she made cute little mug storage bags for them.

Jane made a curved piecing table runner and quilted it with flowing curved lines done with her walking foot.

And the gorgeous, prolific Shirley turned some gifted, very precious Japanese fabric scraps into a beautiful bag.

See you next month!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

February 2017 Show and Tell

February meeting was our club's AGM.  We had organised a fun club challenge last year to pick a UFO and sign a contract to have it finished by our February meeting for show and tell.

So, when it came down to the crunch, who got a gold star for completing their UFO?  (And yes, you really did get a gold star sticker on your name badge if you had finished!).

Click back to this post here to see everyone's original UFOs.

Shannon took this entire quilt apart and completed the quilting, then put it back together (it's quilt as you go).  All that's left is the border and binding.

Stephanie almost completed her top from just having a few of the blocks made.  She challenged herself to only use fabrics from her stash.

Gold star for Nita!  She did an amazing job quilting this quilt that was started in a class at one of the past quilt symposiums.  Nita won our viewer's choice that we held after show and tell.

Jane got two gold stars.  One for this interesting curved table runner above and another for the Kaffe Fasset fabric quilt below.  A really interesting block that made the quilt into a real stunner.

Shirley gets a gold star for finishing off this quilt (double sided too!) made from discharged fabrics and embroidered blocks.

Another gold star for Shirley with these left over hexies combined with sashiko to make a table topper.

Aida completed this NZ themed bird quilt for her sister.  It has lots of colour, just like her sister, according to Aida.  A gold star for Aida.

Anne completed this quilt begun in a class.  Lots of learning went into it.

And then she earned her second gold star for this intricate quilt.  Anne is our new club president.

Ingrid finished this quilt that had languished due to the colours not being her favourite.  Gold star for perseverance.  

Darryl earned her gold star for this lovely blue and white quilt made with indigo dyed fabrics.

Janet rearranged this quilt a bit and finished it off for her gold star.

Diane got her little quilt done and earned herself a gold star.  

Judith used african prints and the quilting had little paw prints - very cool.

Charlotte's blue and white monster just needs the binding sewn down now.  It's been about eight years in the making.

These next few photographs weren't part of the UFO challenge, just our normal show and tell.  Beatrice is very prolific and didn't disappoint with a couple of cushions to show.

And Ingrid made this quilt for her Nephew (?) who likes purple and heavy metal.  She free-motion sketched some rockers in the centre and they are pretty amazing!

Thanks everyone.  See you next month.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

September 2016 Show and Tell

September is Spring!  And in keeping with the season our first quilt at show and tell was this bright and cheerful baby quilt made by Jane.

Elaine made the sturdy bag above, it's got great pockets inside too.  And she also made the cushion below with a 60 year old special lace hanky and some beautiful embroidery.

The quilt above is made by Charlotte, modelled by her daughter, a visiting member due to school holidays. 

Steph completed this table runner that she started in retreat.

And this gorgeous bright bassinet quilt for the local hospital.  

Steph also showed us her UFO's that she has pledged to complete for February.  The one above is leftovers from a quilt she made for her Mother in Law.  I believe they are going to be turned into cushions and a table runner.

And then this quilt is a quilt just for her, a project from one of the Material Obsession books.

Judy made these lovely decorative wall hangings.

And Gayleen showed us this charity quilt.  The teddies have three dimensional ears and the quilting is all hand done.