Friday, September 29, 2017

Saturday, September 9, 2017

August Show and Tell

Janet Greeks came to talk about using rulers while free motion quilting on a domestic sewing machine.  Thanks Janet!  You do beautiful work.

Stephanie showed off a finished community quilt that she had sent off to be long arm quilted by Mathea Daunheimer of Esparta Fiber Arts.

Ingrid is getting ready for Christmas with this table runner.

A gorgeous cushion with the back used as a practice piece for free motion quilting.

My memory fails me, but I think this is a community quilt finished off and handed back to be given to Women's Refuge.

A community quilt that went to the local maternity unit for use on the bassinets.

Another community quilt - really cheerful!

This bassinet quilt has also been donated to the local maternity unit.

Another community quilt, made from bingo blocks - these were blocks made to play a kind of fabric bingo game. 

Beatrice made a table runner from Kiwiana fabrics.

Then she went a little mad with selvedges!!  

These are little 'strawberry' reusable bags to put in your handbag so you don't have to use a plastic bag from the shop.  

Aida's healing heart quilt.

Diane's quilt - beautiful hand work as usual.

And another from Diane, black and white with a touch of red.

We also had the unveiling of our Chinese Whispers challenge, but I'll do that in the next blog post - stay tuned!

Monday, August 7, 2017

July 2017 Show and Tell

It was a small showing for July.  Maybe this means next month will be a big one?

Judith and Caroline showed a healing hearts quilt they made with some friends for another friend of theirs.

Caroline has also been making bassinet quilts out of leftovers.

Last month's class was making these little baskets.  Ingrid turned one into a doll bed.

And then used some machine embroidered shoes in this little quiltlet.

Beatrice used I Spy applecore blocks and backed them with fleece in these bright kids quilts.

That's all for July, see you for August.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Drunkard's Path Class with Kerry Glen

We had Kerry Glen from Tulis Textiles come up on a recent Saturday to teach us a class using a nifty tool to help make Drunkard's Path blocks and variations thereof.

Kerry is a great teacher - energetic, enthusiastic, and full of helpful tips.  Here she is demoing.

This is a selection of the quilts she brought with her to show how you could use the various blocks we made.  That's another cool thing about Kerry - she always has awesome samples made of her beautiful batik fabrics that she sells.

Above is Jane's work.  She had some gorgeous colour combinations.

This is some of my work.  Interesting to use the Drunkard's Path blocks like this as a border.  

It was also really great to be joined by some of the Kaitaia Club members.  It's a bit of added variety in both knowledge, colour combinations and conversation topics!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Oops missed one photo.

Dolores has been busy. Here is a bag she has made too.

JUNE 2017
Show and Tell

 Daryl and Beatrice made these pen and pencils holders with the Kaitaia club. They can be unzipped and folded back to stand up on a desk.

 Judy created a quilt of NZ birds.

Dolores created placemats from beautiful tea towels she was given.

Dolores also created this table runner.

Judith created this wonderful quilt. The hexagons are crazy patch with embroidery and appliqued on after the quilt was quilted.

Beatrice has been busy with these quilts above and below. The one below has been made from selvedge strips.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

May 2017 Show and Tell

The May meeting saw the Kaitaia group join us to show off the wonky houses that were started at the last joint Kerikeri/Kaitaia meeting back in January.

Beryl managed quite a few houses with a night time background.

Darryl did just one, but I love the beanstalk!

I think this is Robyn's in the innovative frame.

And Aida's, almost finished.

Gayleen's - check out the ric-rac!

Jan's with cute embellishments.

Ingrid's beachside theme.

Jane's street.

And another night time scene by Di.

These are Margaret's original's for inspiration.  So cute!

Darling daughter (future quilter) holding up my dragon wall hanging.

Beatrice with more cushions.

And a really awesome stripey quilt.

Carol made this modern cushion.

Darryl just needs to finish quilting the big squares.

Alison started this at retreat I believe.  And it will be a quillow (a quilt that turns into a pillow), when it's done.

Jan's denim beauty.

And another quillow in progress by Gayleen.

Um, can't remember who's beautiful log cabin this is.  You're hiding!!

Shirley made another couple of her famous journal covers.

Ingrid has been finishing off quilts (above and below), that started as other projects.

Now the next bunch of quilts are all Community Quilts destined to be donated to community groups that can use them for people in need.  They have been worked on by multiple members.

That's it folks.  See you next month!