Saturday, September 14, 2013

Princess Mary Block Workshop - Saturday Stitch and Chat

The Saturday 21st September stitch and chat will be a workshop to learn how to make the Princess Mary quilt block.  It's a neat block, and it makes different patterns depending on which way you turn it.

The cost if you want to participate in the workshop will be five dollars per person.  Or you can just stitch and chat like normal, gold coin donation.  Open to everyone, club members and non-members alike.

Come along to Cherry Park House on Landing Road, Kerikeri, from 11am till 4pm.
Bring the usual - your lunch and your projects and your happy smiling face!

Requirements for the workshop:  
Four 8 inch squares of plain coloured cotton fabric and four 8 inch squares of a contrasting patterned cotton fabric,
General sewing requirements like thread, scissors and your sewing machine,
Rotary cutter, rulers (particularly a 12 inch square) and cutting board if you have them.

If you have questions, leave them here and I will try and answer them for you.

Friday, September 13, 2013

August Show and Tell

This month's show and tell is full of Community Quilts that were finished as a result of July's stitching day.  These are quilts made to be given to people in need, whether it be through community groups or to individuals.

We joked that we should just call it Daryl's show and tell!  Daryl holds all the donated fabrics.  She organises the stitching days, often planning and cutting dozens of quilts before hand.  And of course, she naturally does a lot of stitching on them also.  Gold medal required!

I'm pretty sure that the quilt above is actually for Daryl this time!  She made it from a book called 'Sunday Morning Quilts'.  It's called a confetti quilt, designed to use up all your little scraps - they are all raw edge and quilted directly on.  Daryl only has the binding to finish now.

These are from Carol and are examples of the Princess Mary block.  Beatrice will be demonstrating how to make this block at the next Saturday Stitch and Chat and there will be more details in my next post.  So if you are interested, stay tuned as the workshop is open to both members and public.

One more border and this log cabin top will be finished.  I showed it now as by next month it will be finished and with it's new owner (although I'd quite like to keep it myself!)

This is the centre of another quilt that will be with it's new owner next month.

Next on the meeting's agenda was our Taupo Symposium round up.  Participants talked about and showed examples from the workshops they went to.

Judith (compulsive scrap saver) learned how to use up her itty bits in a class by Chris Kenna.

Aida sewed strips to newspaper in a type of foundation piecing.  I can't remember who tutored this class.

Aida again with her sample from Gloria Loughman's class.  The taro leaf is Aida's own design.

Carol learned lots in this class by a NZ tutor who I forget the name of (I should have written them all down!).

And both Vicki and Carol participated in Susan Carlson's turtle class.

Nita has finished her example from her class - full marks!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

July Show and Tell

As I was on Holiday in July, I wasn't able to attend the club meeting.  Luckily Daryl had her camera and some photos were taken.  These following ones show a busy bunch as it was our Community Quilts Day where we all work on quilts to be donated into the community, often to Women's Refuge.

There was also time for some show and tell.  Because I wasn't there I'm guessing who's quilt is who's.  Some people were hiding!  Apologies if I get it wrong.

Diann's quilt.  And if I'm not mistaken, this was a row by row swap that we held a couple of years ago. Diann provided the fabric, we had a theme each month and a different person did each row.  I'm pretty sure that the fifth row down is the one I did.  Looks lovely all together!

I think this is Elaine peeking over the top of her attic window quilt.  Are those cats I see peering from the windows?

Sorry, can't tell who this is, but it's a lovely applique quilt.

Diann again.  I like the enlarged star.

Hmmmm, maybe Sue B?  I think I recognise the gloves! This is a very effective little wallhanging.

Nope, not sure who this is either, but it's nice to see a sampler type quilt.

Beatrice.  I think it's a sewing machine cover, what do you think?

See you again soon for August's photos.  I was there that meeting so I'm pretty sure I know who is who!