Thursday, June 5, 2014

Show and Tell - May 2014

Welcome to May show and tell.  There is some real eye-candy here, enjoy!

This masterpiece was made by Bia.  All hand-appliqued and hand-quilted, it was made for her (very lucky) niece.

Bia loves her hand work.  These bags have detailed and intricate beading - closeup below.

Vicky made this intricate appliqué quilt.  She designed it herself after being inspired by a colour scheme she saw in another quilt.  I've hinted that she might like to write a this space!

Closeups - there are 3D petals on the sunflower.

This is a healing heart quilt that we made for one of our members who needs a bit of extra love at the moment.

Carol's grandson is getting a new quilt! 

Darryl coordinated the making of these two I-spy charity quilts.  The recipients are twin boys in the community, one of whom is struggling with serious health issues.

Mathea showed these two little masterpieces.  Mathea used paints and inks and then quilts heavily to provide definition with thread.

This is a little bassinet quilt (one of two) made by Carol and quilted by Charlotte.  They will be donated to the local maternity unit.

This is an appliquéd block book made by Charlotte.  It has 'pages' made of cotton batting to hold quilt blocks flat and secure whilst in progress.

These are two 12 x 12 quilts made for the BLUE challenge run by Aotearoa Quilters.

This quilt was started by Charlotte as part of a club activity involving eight fat quarters and lots of different block choices.  Back view below.

An albatross wall hanging made by Charlotte using the positive/negative appliqué method.

Cargo duffle made by Charlotte from a free pattern by Anna Noodlehead.  Available here on the Robert Kaufman website.  Charlotte would like it noted that she is not that prolific, she just hasn't made a meeting yet this year so saved everything up for one big showing!

Leonie impressed us with her six inch blocks that she's been making.  Every one is different and the majority of them have different fabrics too!

I think this one was my favourite.

Shirley showed us her projects from her classes at the mini-symposium she just attended.  Above is a picture made of snippets of fabric and below is a crazy quilted purse - impressive!

Our activity this month was making thimble pips.  You can see the ladies hard at work in the top photo and below is what they were making.  The thimble pips have bendy plastic in the sides and you can squeeze them open, pop your thimble inside to keep it safe and then it reshapes itself shut.  And if you don't use a thimble, you could always make some to hold treasures of some other description - sweets for the Christmas tree perhaps?

See you next month!