Sunday, August 1, 2010

Show and Tell for July.

We were lucky to see some beautiful work at our July meeting. 

A lovely wall hanging from Ingrid.

Margaret regaled us with the wonderful story of her jacket and was proud to let us know that the fantastic "Phoebe's Quilt", has won more prizes.

Diann's beautiful quilt called "North Carolina Holiday".

A bright and breezy quilt from me.

And some bassinet quilts for Kawakawa Maternity Unit made with the scraps.

And another for the Maternity Unit.

I reckon I've saved the best for last!  Zoom in on Lyn's bag to see her detailed work!  Lyn's a new member from last month.  Welcome!  Lets hope we get to see more lovely work from her soon.


  1. Hi there from UK. I visit NZ as often as I can and have rather a soft spot for Kerikeri. My DH spent a good long while chatting with one of your members a few years ago and we look out for your shows etc.

  2. Hi ms lottie, blog looks good. You may want to edit your profile and tick 'show email' doesn't really show the email, but puts an email button on your profile, so people can contact you direct, without having to use the comments. PS I love the flowers on Lyn's bag.

  3. PPS, Happy to have Quilt Whangarei linked on your site, thanks for asking.

  4. Nice quilts, ms lottie!! Looking forward to seeing more of your handiwork.