Friday, November 19, 2010

History in the (Block) Making.

Coming up in the Newsletter is a surprise block game for February's meeting.  I know that seems a long way away, but next week is the November meeting (aka The Christmas Lunch), then we have no meeting in December, a special meeting usually in Kaitaia in January and then before you know it, it's February. 

Anyway, I've been searching for sites to help you out for this game.  I'm listing them now, before you get your newsletter, 'cause otherwise I'll get too busy with Christmas stuff and school hols and then I'll forget!

I'm keeping you in suspense, I know!  But all will be revealed in the Newsletter and I'll post it here too when it's all finalised.  Meanwhile, enjoy browsing these sites and learning something new.

Patterns from History - Here you will find quilt patterns like the ones that women shared with each other in days gone by. With each one you will discover a bit of history that will give you a sense of what the pattern meant to quilters of the past.

Quilter's Cache - has all sorts of Instructional Pages, and hundreds of free block patterns, all of which are hand drawn, well, mouse drawn, without the use of any quilt programs.

 History of Quilt Patterns: A Quest for Their Stories - Quilt pattern articles on: Biscuit or Puff, Bear's Paw, Honeycomb, Jacob's Ladder, Basket Quilts, Log Cabin, Mariner's Compass, Irish Chain, Wedding Ring, Lone Star.


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