Monday, September 12, 2011

Show and Tell - August

It's September and the month seems to be getting away on me.  So before I have to do two month's worth of show and tell together, here's a quick look at August.

I started off show and tell with a little wall-hanging I made with some of my positive/negative applique blocks.  I demonstrated the technique later on at the meeting too.  Next month (September) will be a demonstration of template-making and hand-piecing by Margaret.

Sorry about the reflection on this one, but it's behind glass!  Imogen had a sneaky trick for avoiding all the tricky applique on this piece.  Once it was all fused down she had it framed and it looks fantastic!

Terri showed off a lovely piece done in a workshop.  The poppies are three dimensional. 

This is Bia's beautiful black and white creation and it's all handquilted by her too.

Here's a stunning example of a round robin.  The central block was made to set the style and then other participants contributed sections to match.

Carolyn made a special quilt for a friend and she pieced the back too.

Another piece by Terri.  This one has a special back.  Not happy with plain calico, Terri tea-dyed it and then painted leaves on it.

Here's till next month - and I'll try and remember my camera so I don't have to scrounge around at the meeting for one to borrow!

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