Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Jeanette DeNicolis Meyer Workshop

What a weekend!  Jeanette's workshop 'Layers of Lightness - Quilt and Collage with Translucent Fabrics' was a  huge success.  Everyone I spoke to took something away with them, whether it was new skills that they were sure they would use again, inspiration for a new work, or just more of an idea of where they are heading in their quilting journey.  

Day one and we got to play with lots of paint.  Trying out colour mixes, methods of laying down paint and getting texture were all part of our experiments.  We were painting on silk organza for the most part and it was wonderful stuff.

Our drop cloths were almost as exciting as the organza, and I for one, caught myself planning my next colour to match my drop cloth rather than what I needed to complete a range of colours in my organza!

We all ended up with a pile of beautiful fabrics.  And they were all completely different. 

Day two saw us learning about the different ways to seam our fabrics and then we jumped right in to composing.  Sue was congratulated in being so brave as to cut up her beautiful piece of organza that forms the centre of her quilt.

And here are our compositions up on the design wall.  Above, from left to right, are Kerry, Gaylin and Terri's pieces.

From left to right we have Vikki's, Charlotte's (who did two) and Sue's.

Then we have Shirley, Petra and Dolores.

From left to right again, Carol and Donna.

Then we have Patricia, Robyn, Cynthia and Monika.

And last, but not least, we have Suz.

You can see how different each piece is.  Yet we all started with the same white organza and the same paints.  Some people used their drop cloths and others added a patterned fabric as their base to work on.

Jeanette is a fabulous tutor and a wonderful person as well.  She is teaching again in New Zealand next year, Wanaka's Autumn Art School (this links to the 2012 programme as they haven't put up the 2013 one yet) from from 22 to the 26 of April 2013.  If you ever have the opportunity to take a class with her, you won't be disappointed, whatever it is she may be teaching.

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