Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Lunch 2012

Every year in December we hold a Christmas Lunch.  A dedicated group of ladies put this together, cooking and making cracker gifts and putting together raffle prizes and it is always a fun day.

Part of the day is a gift exchange.  We work it so that we don't know who is getting who's present and it's part of the rules that it is a handmade gift (it can be made by you or someone else).  So I thought I'd show some of the wonderful presents we gave and received.  Above is an armchair arm organiser.  It hangs over the arm of your chair and has a pin cushion and pockets for scissors etc.

A really bright chenille cushion.

Some delicate handmade tatting (displayed on the back of the above cushion).

Dolores and Vicky were pretty happy with their respective gifts; a Christmas bag with hand dyed fabrics and matching threads and a lovely tree skirt.

A really sweet bag with pockets inside for keys and phones and all things necessary.

A hand stitched address book cover.

A lovely little sewing bag with scissor holder, needle book and thimble pod.

And another arm chair organiser.  

There were plenty of other gifts that I didn't get a chance to snap.  Like the yummy bottle of home-pressed olive oil that I received.

The crew of gorgeous lunch ladies who do an absolutely marvellous job.

The decked out tables waiting for their hungry occupants.

A very happy Edna who won one of the raffle prizes.

Once again it was a wonderful day.  I hope that it will be repeated again next year, and the year after that, and the year after that.......

Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. I am sure this was great fun for everybody - the quilts are strikingly beautiful. Thank you for your comments on my modest little quilt and the snow, so cold!! Though in the warmest region in Germany. We are so looking forward to warmer days.