Saturday, July 30, 2016

Show and Tell July 2016 and a UFO challenge

Welcome to show and tell for July.  

Jane had two table runners to show.  A tree of life above and a Christmas tree below.

Nita used EPP clamshells to make a little clutch bag.  This is the back with the flap opened out.

Delores finished this for her Sister in Law.  The yo-yo's took ages!

Delores also finished this beautiful red and white quilt with stitcheries.  She wanted some feedback on her machine quilting - we told her it was gorgeous of course!

This beauty is Diann's.  I'm pretty sure it's hand quilted.

Shirley was being her usual innovative self and making decorations from zippers.

I showed two wall hangings that I completed.  Begun at the Whangarei exhibition, they both have the same view but different colours and are made with layers of silk organza.

Now this next lot is something a bit different.  We have brought in our UFO's!  We found the one or two projects that we most wanted to get done and dusted and brought them in to show.  Then we signed a contract to say that we will finish them (with enthusiasm and no whining!!) and bring the completed project to show at our AGM in February.  So these are all the 'before' pictures.

Nita has been stuck on the machine quilting of this one.

Jane is being ambitious and has pledged to finish these two projects, one of which isn't even cut out!

This has been hanging over Delores head for a while and haunting her.

Shirley brought in this beautiful bright collection of blocks.

Macbeth showed us this very old quilt.  Entirely hand pieced and cut out with scissors and templates (giving you an idea of how old it is), she wants to complete the hand quilting.

Beryl has a plan all written out for these blocks!

Aida needs to get these birds finished.

This is another project Beryl wants out of her UFO pile.

Anne needs to quilt this top.

And this is Anne's too, a bit more work to go on this one.

Ingrid got stuck on this one because she doesn't actually like it!

Darryl has a lot of the blocks made for this quilt but is short on the background so is now going to force herself to make some substitutions instead of putting it back in the cupboard.

Elaine didn't like her sashing and got stalled unpicking it.

Judy has these fans to put together and needs to make a decision on background fabric.

Diann has got stuck because she wasn't liking the way the fabrics were going together.

Shannon took this entire quilt apart to individually quilt the blocks and is now putting it back together.

And I've been working on this huge blue and white monster FOREVER!  But in reality, don't have much quilting to go.

So watch this space and in February you should see a whole slew of finished projects and we will be polishing our halos and feeling smug!!

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