Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Kerikeri Quilters Exhibition 2017

Kerikeri Quilters Club held their exhibition over labour weekend.  Above you can see the smiling meet and greet team with the first place raffle quilt behind them.

And the second prize raffle quilt above with some beautiful appliqué. The raffle was drawn by the police and the winners are  Gaye Simms from Kaitaia for first prize and Beryl Thompson from Kerikeri won second prize. 

The club challenge this year was black and white plus one.  Quilts had to be A4 sized and could use black, white, grey and one other colour no bigger than 3 inches square.

Winner and merit in the 'first time entrant' category were both taken out by Anne Lunn.

First prize in the 'entered before' category, and overall winner was Aida Booth with the Stilts quilt to the left above.

Merit in the 'entered before' category with Ingrid McLennan.

First prize in the 'previous prizewinner' category was Charlotte Scott with the tree quilt to the right and merit winner was Shirley Julian with her log cabin to the left.

Rather than photograph every quilt and risk missing someone out (and giving myself RSI with all that typing), I've just taken some overall shots of the hall.  If you want to see more, you'll have to come along in person next year!

The last shot above is of our chinese whisper challenge.  The quilts in the top row were one group, the quilts on the bottom row the second group, with the inspiration photos used by the first quilters to the left, and the quilts in order of completion running left to right.  If you click on the photo you will see them larger.  It's interesting to see how each quilt is related to the next, but how the overall theme can change drastically!

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