Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ladies who Lunch.

 At our annual Christmas lunch, we have a secret Santa game.  Everyone brings along a wrapped, handmade gift and puts it on the table.  Then everyone takes a number from the hat.  You get to go up to the table and pick a gift and unwrap it, in numerical order  Except we like to have fun, so we steal too!  The second person to pick a gift can choose to pick a gift OR steal the first person's gift.  If they steal, the first person gets to go and choose another gift from the table.  The third person can either steal one or two's gift or choose from the table.  There are only allowed to be two steals in a row and then the last person stolen off has to go back to the table. 

 Everybody watches with great interest, because they might be able to steal it later!

 This gold-wrapped one was an apron and a Christmas cake.  And it got stolen quite a few times!

All eyes on Shirley.

If you like your gift so much that you don't want anyone else to have it, you can try and hide it behind your back like Margaret is doing! 

 Poor Ingrid.  I think the chicken went home with someone else.

 Then it was time for a lovely lunch, prepared by Beryl and her team of hardworking ladies.  Delicious.  And some fun with a raffle at each course thanks to Itch to Stitch and the Garden Club. 

 Homemade by Jane and well worth sneaking a second one.

It was my first Christmas Lunch.  Well worth it, I'll be back next year.  Save me a mince pie!

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  1. What a lot of fun you all seem to be having. Stitchers get together rock. Happy stitching!