Monday, May 16, 2011

Heads up for the May Meeting

First up, apologies that there has been nothing on this blog for a wee while.  I didn't get to the last meeting as I was swanning around Queenstown, enjoying the Remarkable Symposium.  Have you registered for the Taupo Symposium yet?

So, to get back into the groove of updating, here are some excerpts from the last newsletter:

AGM - You will see we have a new President, Ingrid McLennan, and a fresh, new look committee:  Elaine Bryant, Doreen Crossland, Carol de Ridder, Daryl Jay, Charlotte Scott and Judith Sweet.  Welcome aboard.

After the AGM Jill Bezencon shared with us some of her wonderful quilts and stories and positively critiqued some of our club members quilts. I am sure everyone was inspired all over again with her presentation, ideas and opinions.

Subscriptions:  Subscriptions have been kept at $20 per year and are now due. Please make sure you have paid your subs by the 24th May meeting. The 2011 Membership list will be forwarded to you in June.

May Meeting:

1. Show and tell: We thought it would be great if we could take a little more time over show and tell. We would really like to know more about your motivation, thoughts and techniques used. So have a little recitation prepared. After all it takes so long to make these things. You may be able to inspire someone else. And if you can leave your quilt in the room by the kitchen everyone can have a really good look and perhaps gain some inspiration.

2. 2012 First Prize Raffle Quilt – Proceeds to Project Promise: Could everybody who still has an appliquéd square for the 2012 raffle quilt please return them at the May meeting? And anyone who has finished a pieced patch, please return that too.

2012 Second Prize Raffle Quilt: A quilt for the exhibition second prize is underway and Doreen has requested that if you can donate some suitable bright fabrics please give them to her at the May meeting. The theme of this quilt is “dinosaurs”.

3. Show us your bags: Not a lot of bags were brought in last month from the fabric Darryl gave us last year. Could those who still have a completed bag at home please bring them in to the May meeting?

4. Symposium Presentation: Those ladies who were at Symposium are going to tell us of their experiences and show us some of their work.

5. Magazine Day: Beryl and Nita are going to make up bags of 10 magazines (same title but 10 consecutive magazines) and for $1.00 you can take these home for 1 month for return at the June 28th Meeting. Beryl wants you to know that these magazines, although past issues, are still relevant and often have information far more valid than many of the latest issues. So if you want some old fresh ideas come and take a bag.

6. Wall Planner: We will have a wall planner on the notice board on which all events both local and national will be placed. Please take the time to check it out so that you can plan events you would like to attend.

7. Spring Retreat: A list of the 2 Spring Retreats will be on the noticeboard in May so that you can book into which retreat you would like to attend. Please put your name down against the date you would definitely like to attend and if you would like to attend a second one then add your name to that list also.

A Challenge from Charlotte:
Do you want to take part in a group activity for some fun and motivation? I am coordinating a Row-by-Row Round Robin. You'll need a metre and a half of a favorite fabric(s) and a commitment to finishing a few blocks every month, but that's it! You won't even need to make every meeting (we're a flexible bunch, us quilters).
We have decided that the starter row will be 8" x 40" finished (8½” x 40½” including seam allowances) and we want everyone participating to bring this along to the May meeting, plus whatever is left over of their metre and a half of feature fabrics and their information sheet (see your newsletter) - all in an opaque bag or box. The starter row can be one panel, or blocks (such as five 8" blocks) and is to set the style of the quilt.

Call me (Charlotte) or email me or for more information.

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