Sunday, May 29, 2011

May Meeting Show and Tell

Jane has been attacking her scrap bag with a vengeance.  Sorry, that's a fingerprint on the lens in the upper left corner, not muddy colours.

This is Olive's sumptious pink fairy quilt.  Isn't it a sweetie?

Okay, I'm hoping someone jogs my memory on this one.  I know it was started in a class and then made into a bag - but I can't remember who made it!  And then she gave it to someone else - and I can't remember that person either!  Sorry!

Judith did a class at the Powerquilter with Lyn Manning.  She was so inspired that she's started another one!

This is Valerie's machine embroidered quilt, which is a fantastic geometric study.

Suzanne couldn't resist the layer cake that she then made into this lovely quilt top.  Can't wait to see how she quilts it.

And this top started with some fat quarters that she couldn't resist!  It's the biggest top she's ever made, but I bet she still squeezes it under her domestic machine for quilting.

Barbara-Mary finally made something for herself. 
Check out the psychedelic backing!

Ingrid got given a book on spiral quilts for Mother's Day - and she's got stuck right in.

This is also a quilt of Ingrids.  Another cool way to use up scraps.  This is a pattern called 'Charlotte's Web'.

Shirley loved her ugly fat quarter that she got in a swap and she's made this cute wee bag from it.

Here's another of her bags.  This is a lovely feature fabric so click it to look closer if you like.

Carmen is a new member.  Judging by her stories she is well and truly addicted!  These are blocks for her first ever quilt, she is making it for her daughter.

Sorry, Delores!  I forgot to turn this around before I uploaded it.  Delores started this beautiful yellow canna lily wall hanging in a class at Symposium. 

This is one of Margaret's cushions.  Have a close look (you can click on it to enlarge) and start collecting bits and bobs as Margaret will be doing a workshop session on this in an upcoming meeting.

We also had a great talk from all the members who went to the Remarkable Symposium.  It sounds like a lot of fun and laughter was had, and even a bit of work was done.  I didn't get a picture of Jenny's sugarplum fairy or Shirley's felted beach scene or of any of the other work except Delore's canna lillies (see above) - but take that as a commendation because I was so wrapped up in what everyone was saying.

Roll on Taupo in 2013!

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