Thursday, July 10, 2014

Didn't get a sticky label in your Symposium Pack?

This is a post copied from the Manawatu Symposium blog for your info:

Didn't get a sticky label? Don't Panic! See below*

Hi everyone

Isn't it wonderful? The registration was posted last week and I hope you had a delightful time, putting your feet up with a cuppa and reading about all the classes we have on offer. The same information is available on our website and the needs list for each class is posted with the class description so you know exactly what you would need for each class you are considering. There is a button that links to a printer friendly PDF version of the needs list as well and in some cases there are extra photos of class samples. Please remember that the photos are a guide to what the class is about and not necessarily exactly what you will be making in class.

*We are sorry for the confusion about the sticky label mentioned in registration booklet. We don't need your number to be on the envelope and we forgot to take this bit out of the instructions. Your envelopes will be opened as they arrive and all you selections will be entered on our computer under your registration number. The computer will then do its thing and sort everything according to your number. Just like magic!


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