Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Pictures of Regional Day and Show and Tell for July

July saw our club holding 'Regional Day'.  This is a day when other clubs within the region are invited to gather as one.  The host club sells tickets, which help pay for hall hire, food and speaker costs.  There are merchants, demonstrations, show and tell, lunch, speakers, raffles and spot prizes.

This first set of photographs is of our speakers.

Val is a local artist.  She works in paint, tapa cloth, weaving and is a very interesting speaker.

Margaret is a long-time quilter who spoke of 'beginnings'.  How she began quilting.  How she then (a few years later) learned that what she was doing was called quilting!  How the Kerikeri club began and how her styles of quilting began.  Very fascinating.

Juliet is a master New York Beauty maker and shared many of her quilts with us.  She also talked extensively about what judges are looking for and then some of the funny, serious and just plain confusing judges comments she had had over the years.

We had a banner challenge and Jane won first place.

Charlotte's banner won second.  Thanks to Ngaire from The Apple Basket for judging.

These are our show and tell quilts.  Edna held up this beauty of a community donation quilt.

Another donation quilt.  All made of polyester fabrics - it will never fade!

We had a community quilts day recently where the club worked collectively on finishing some donation quilts.  So here's another one.

And the last one, a crazy patch quilt.

Beatrice showed off this cute appliqué bunny quilt.

One of our speakers, Jan, showed a set of 12" x 12" journal and challenge quilts that she had been making.  Some of them had very poignant thoughts behind them.

And last note goes to Shirley, who showed cute snap purses that can be made with old metal tape measures.  Crafty!

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