Friday, September 5, 2014

August 2014 Show and Tell

Welcome to Show and Tell for August.

Beatrice gets most prolific quilter award for the month.  This is the first one she showed us, a two coloured stunning design - can you imagine the colour possibilities for this?

Here's her next one.  Using up fabric swap squares from a swap she participated in about a decade ago ;-)

Another scrappy quilt.  I like this design too.

Then Beatrice showed us her latest experiments.  She's been trying the chop up your pinwheel craze and it's amazing what you can make from a simple block rearranged.

Can you spot the whoopsie?

Caroline has been using up her bits and pieces and making sweet little snuggle quilts for the bassinets in the local maternity hospital.

I work there, so I know how much they brighten up the rooms.

Thanks Caroline!

I'm pretty sure that's Gaylene doing the zombie quilt trick.  She's been making crumb blocks again.

Judy used Kiwiana fabrics in this 3D design.

This is Sue's Liberty quilt.  So many precious pieces of Liberty fabrics.

Darryl had a couple of finished community quilts, this one had an amazing fabric on the back, so I took a picture of that too (it's a bit blurry....or is it just the psychedelic nature of the fabric?!)

I loved this idea of silhouetted cats.  It made a great quilt.

Shirley showed us two pieces made from what she learnt from Juliet Fitness.  The one below with three panels was made in a class with Juliet.

Mathea showed off her Kina quilt.  Hand painted and intensely quilted.

And lastly, Beryl showed us dresses she had been making for children in Africa.  You can read the story about them here.

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