Saturday, April 29, 2017

April 2017 Show and Tell

Jane has made this quilt for her son's 21st birthday.  It includes maps, a quilted anchor and other symbolism important to him.

This quilt was made by Jane for her sister in law.  It represents the river near where she lives.

Jane made this gorgeous eye-spy quilt.  I love the slightly unusual pinwheel setting blocks.

Charlotte made this quilt called Dusk Moth using her hand dyed silk organza.

And another of Charlotte's called Albatross Moon, again with silk organza.

Darryl has been making community quilts again.

This one is tied because the batting with a bit too poofy to do anything else.  It will be warm and cozy!

And one more.  This time a quilt as you go.

Gayleen has been making spud cooking bags.  Apparently you use these to cook your potatoes in the microwave and they turn out perfect.

These two table runners are Anne's creations.

And so are these two bags.  Anne is prolific!

This one is made from NZ themed fabrics for her overseas friend.

See you next month!

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