Sunday, June 4, 2017

May 2017 Show and Tell

The May meeting saw the Kaitaia group join us to show off the wonky houses that were started at the last joint Kerikeri/Kaitaia meeting back in January.

Beryl managed quite a few houses with a night time background.

Darryl did just one, but I love the beanstalk!

I think this is Robyn's in the innovative frame.

And Aida's, almost finished.

Gayleen's - check out the ric-rac!

Jan's with cute embellishments.

Ingrid's beachside theme.

Jane's street.

And another night time scene by Di.

These are Margaret's original's for inspiration.  So cute!

Darling daughter (future quilter) holding up my dragon wall hanging.

Beatrice with more cushions.

And a really awesome stripey quilt.

Carol made this modern cushion.

Darryl just needs to finish quilting the big squares.

Alison started this at retreat I believe.  And it will be a quillow (a quilt that turns into a pillow), when it's done.

Jan's denim beauty.

And another quillow in progress by Gayleen.

Um, can't remember who's beautiful log cabin this is.  You're hiding!!

Shirley made another couple of her famous journal covers.

Ingrid has been finishing off quilts (above and below), that started as other projects.

Now the next bunch of quilts are all Community Quilts destined to be donated to community groups that can use them for people in need.  They have been worked on by multiple members.

That's it folks.  See you next month!

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